Commercial mortgages

Loans adapted to your situation

Are you looking for commercial financing for the purchase, renewal or refinancing of your projects? The Commercial Brokerage service is very versatile. It allows a diversity of lenders across Canada to offer you the best conditions on the market.

It is important to prepare your project file well before presenting it to the lender. This preparation requires skill and experience in its organization.

The commercial broker is an expert in the negotiation of the interest rate, the amortization of the project, the file fees as well as the other details that must be negotiated. He is there to make your project more accessible with the right technique.

Funding for :

  • Multi-dwelling (5 units or more)
  • Building project
  • Industrial
  • Office buildings
  • Land
  • Shopping center
  • Hotels and motels
  • Residence for the elderly
  • Student residence
  • Condo Inventory
  • Medical center and pharmacy

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Did you know that ?

  • There are commercial financing with possible amortization up to 40 years for new building?
  • Is the affordable building conversion a financing program for investors?
  • When you finance 65% of your project, you could have no personal guarantee?
  • Financing programs of up to 95%, even for your commercial project?

The commercial broker’s expertise will guide you through the process from the beginning, support you in working with other professionals and go with you to the finish line. He can repeat this process with you for all your projects and will commit to helping you do more.